Our Company

Our Company

HSM FOODS INTERNATIONAL PVT. LTD. was established by Sanjay Maniar in 2002 at the outskirt of Rajkot city, Gujarat. Our company came into existence with the prime motto to manufacture high quality food products at the most affordable price.

HSM FOODS INTERNATIONAL PVT. LTD. is one of the most renowned names among the ethnic snacks manufacturing companies in India Our company rules the market under the brand name Maniarr’s. It includes in its umbrella number of snack items like Khakhara, Papad, Khari, Khichiya etc.

We are world’s largest manufacturer and exporter of Khakhara. It is world’s first mini khakhara available in 20 delicious flavours.

Maniarr’s Khakhara is a ready to eat anytime snack which can be consumed as morning breakfast as well as outside of home when anyone is in need of healthy snacks.Our mouth watering khakhara is one of the best companions of your child’s lunch box and for healthy snacking between the meals.

It is a grab and go pack easy to carry while you are travelling.Maniarr’s Khakhara is not only available in India but we also export to many countries across the globe.

World Health Organization mentions Khakhara as healthy food for diabetics.

Our company is a woman empowered organization with 98% women work force.

Maniarr’s Khakhara is tasty as well as healthy and a truly SUPERHIT product.