7 Snacks to savour on this festival of lights

7 Snacks to savour on this festival of lights

Planning to celebrate the evening with your friends & family this Diwali? But don't want to spend the entire time in the kitchen. Then we have some of the best quick snacks you can appreciate with your loved ones. Diwali is the time of the year when most people spend time with their family members, extended families, relatives and friends. And festivals and celebrations are incomplete without mouth-watering delicacies, especially when we spend time with our loved ones.

Maniarr's snacks are ready-to-eat, flavourful, healthy and conveniently packaged so that you can relish them any time of the day. These simple snacks will satiate your mid-meal hunger at any time of the day. If you're awaiting Diwali mainly to satisfy your taste buds, then we have got the right list of snacks for you to enjoy this festive season. And if you're having a hard time picking among tonnes of options out there, then we have made it easy for you. 

Here are 7 Snacks to savour on this festival of lights:

1. Rajasthani Green Chutney Wheat Chips

A crispy, crunchy and healthy snack to enjoy for breakfast, these small bites are packed with the deliciousness of whole wheat. Green Chutney-flavoured wheat chips will surprise you with the wonderful flavour in each bite. Made with only the finest ingredients to make a perfect snack for you. You can enjoy these delectable wheat chips alone or accompany them with your Tea or Coffee for a lovely evening snack this Diwali vacation. If you're hosting your guests at your house for Diwali, offer them these Maniarr's healthy wheat chips to impress them.

2. Fenugreek Wheat Chips

This wheat crisp, seasoned with fenugreek, makes the ideal snack you can have when you're hungry between your main meals. It's a favourite snack packed with the goodness of fenugreek with every bite. The wheat crisps are cooked with a tiny amount of oil that gives them rich flavour and texture. Fenugreek leaves are very nutritious, particularly for those who are weight-watchers. It helps digestion and bowel movements and regulates how much sugar is absorbed. Delicious yet healthy, Methi Wheat chips are an ideal evening snack.

3. Garlic Bread Wheat Chips

Are you craving Italian food but running low on cash this month due to festive shopping? Get your hands on Maniarr's Garlic bread khakhra. It's the perfect solution to satisfy your cravings for Italian cuisine. If you are a fan of garlic, gear up to delight your taste buds with this delicious garlic bread-flavoured khakhra. Maniarr sources only the finest quality ingredients to make an excellent snack for you to enjoy. The safe and efficient packaging guarantees that the food stays in good condition for a long time. The mini khakhra is easy to carry due to its compact size if you are travelling . Buy khakhra online on Maniarr’s website from the comfort of your home.

4. Spicy Wheat Chips

Get your taste buds tingling and boost your spirits with Maniarr's hot & spicy khakhra. If you plan to take a trip on these Diwali holidays, you can enjoy these snacks while travelling. It's a pain to cook your meals as you travel. It's better to take more dry snacks that stay fresh through the journey. Maniarr's can help you with its assortment of wheat chips that are slim and come in compact-size packaging. You can place these small bites anywhere due to their size. The vacuum-sealed packaging will keep the product fresh all along.

5. Spicy Wheat Chips

Do you want a quick and delicious snack to serve your guests this Diwali? Maniarr's Dry Fruit Kachori is here to help. You don't have to be wasting your time trying to decide what to serve along with tea to them. The crispy, crunchy snack will make them wanting for more. It's a great snack to accompany your coffee or tea; however, it's also an enjoyable snack. Maniarr's uses only the highest quality ingredients to create the perfect snacks for all of you. The MAP packaging is efficient and ensures that the snack remains fresh for a long period.

6. Spicy Wheat Chips

Dry Patra is sure to bring your festive evenings to life, thanks to its spicy flavour. It is made with an aromatic blend of spices that gives the basic bhakhri a refreshing variation. The natural ingredients provide the dish with a rich flavour and an exquisite texture. The wonderful burst of herbs flavours will instantly boost your mood. This wholesome snack will satisfy your cravings perfectly. It's an ideal accompaniment to your masala chai and an excellent healthy snack for your children.

7. Jeera Bhakhri

Make your festive gatherings exciting by relishing our delicious Jeera Bhakhri. The fulfilling bhakhri is created by keeping your health and taste in check. Maniarr uses only natural ingredients to give the dish a delightful flavour and a gorgeous texture. The wholesome snack fulfils your cravings perfectly. You can give your little ones this nourishing snack instead of chips or biscuits. For those who live in hostels, the home-style jeera bhakhri will bring back memories of a home-cooked meal.