Khakhra Wheat Chips

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    Dwell into the taste of spicy, crispy and by far the most famous Gujarati snack, Khakhra. At Maniarr’s superlative collection, you will find only the best rated khakhra because we produce the best amalgamation of taste and health.

    One of the greatest USPs of Khakhra is their durability and it is easy to carry. Moreover, as it is a dry Gujarati snack, it is used greatly as a travel snack apart from being a favourite pastime snack. You can have this Gujarati nasto anytime, whether it is with the morning or evening tea, with your breakfast or dinner and even as a midnight snack

    At Maniarr, we produce Khakhra in four different flavours such as:

    -          Jeera (Cumin) Khakhra

    -          Methi (Fenugreek) Khakhra

    -          Plain (Wheat Crisps) Khakhra

    -          Masala (Spicy) Khakhra

    From our range of Khakhra, it is clear that we render taste for one and all. Therefore, if you too wish to have one of the best tea time snacks in its most authentic taste, visit our collection now. Moreover, as we provide amazing taste at affordable prices, it becomes a lethal combination.