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    4 products

    Well, Khari has a special place in Indian households when it comes to finding a great combination with chai during breakfast. Thus, it would be safe enough to say that Khari is not just a food product, it’s an ‘emotion’ in itself. At Maniarr’s, our customers would find tasty and crispy khari in its most authentic form so that it could add wonders to your morning breakfast or tea time snacks.

    The real taste of Khari lies after it dwells in our mouth and provides the feel of crunchiness along with the taste. At Maniarr while developing all our Khari flavours, we concentrate on this aftertaste feeling so as to make our food product differently better from our peers. Our top Khari flavours are as follows:

    -          Jeera Khari

    -          Methi Khari

    -          Masala Khari

    -          Plain Khari

    Moreover, this namkeen Indian snack can be enjoyed alone too as it is crunchy enough to be munched on and enjoy your leisure time. Also, since it is dry, it can be your constant companion as a travel snack as well. In addition to being a high-rated tea time snack, Khari also has all the required ingredients to satisfy your midnight munching cravings as well.