Diwali Delights: 5 Must-Try Maniarr's Snacks for a Flavorful Celebration

Diwali Delights: 5 Must-Try Maniarr's Snacks for a Flavorful Celebration

It's called "Joy in the Air’ as the festival of lights Diwali is just around the corner. Touted as one of the biggest festivals in India, Diwali has great mythological significance and is a time where people love to enjoy good food and holidays with their loved ones.

Yes, food! Be it sweets or namkeen, food is an essential part of the Diwali festivities. At Maniarr’s, we understand the taste of our customers and thus bring the best, especially during the festive season. This Diwali too, we have a wide range of products from Khakhra to Bhakhri to the special Maniarr’s Namkeen and more. So without further ado, let’s check them out!

  • Khakhra

  • At Maniarr’s superlative collection, you will find only the best-rated khakhra because we produce the best amalgamation of taste and health. We are the only place that has a happy knack of balancing the art of giving the best taste without compromising on the health of our consumers.

    Yes, be it Jeera Khakhra, Masala Khakhra, or Methi Khakhra, we have the widest range of the most loved Gujarati snacks, which you just can't get enough of. And apart from the range, we provide the best quality at the most affordable prices.

    So make this Diwali crispier with our exclusive collection of Khakhra and have a jolly time. Order now!

  • Maniarr’s Namkeen
  • We offer an exciting range of savory snacks, this Diwali that redefines taste and quality. Maniarr’s Namkeen; from Ratlami Sev to Khatta Meetha Mix to Bhatha Kani and more, each of our products caters to the diversity and rich taste of our country and is made from authentic recipes and premium ingredients.

    We innovate according to the evolving tastes of consumers, but do not forget the authenticity of these traditional namkeens. Thus, the end product of Maniarr’s Namkeen that you will get this Diwali that has unmatched taste and quality with a spicy crunch.

    Add a ‘tingy twist’ to your taste and make your food experience even more delightful this Diwali with Maniarr’s Namkeen, shop with us!

  • Bhakhri

    ‘Precision and Passion’ are our core values whenever we make and deliver any product and the story of Bhakhri is no different. This humble, traditional Gujarati snack has a special place in all our lives and thus we bake it perfectly to give you the ultimate experience.

    Our Bhakhri has all the authentic flavors and a perfect crisp that keeps it in a league of its own. So, whether you are enjoying this savory delight with your close family or friends, you are bound to have an amazing experience. This Diwali, give your taste buds an unforgettable acquaintance and embrace the spirit of this great festival with our culinary masterpiece.

  • Dry Snacks

  • If you are thinking of Fafda, Dry Samosa, or Tikhi Papdi and want to enjoy the burst of crispiness in every bite of this Diwali, then you have come to the right place. At Maniarr’s, we have the best range of dry snacks that are carefully prepared keeping our tradition in mind. Our dry snacks will give you the perfect blend and you can mix them with the sweets, making them the ideal choice to savor, share and enjoy with your loved ones during the festival of lights.

    Visit our store to have Maniarr’s dry snacks this Diwali, a treat that reflects festive joy.

  • Khari

  • Most people believe that Khari is just a regular, morning snack, but believe us, it's much more than that. If made right, Khari has all the taste and crispiness to add ‘lights’ to your overall food experience during Diwali, and we are here to provide you with the same.

    Enjoy the best, deliciously crunchy Khari at Maniarr’s. Each of our Khari product range is crispy, flaky and perfectly seasoned. Share this heavenly experience of Khari in every bite of this Diwali with your loved ones and make the festival extra memorable, order now!