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    What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear about papad? Is it the crispy, crunchy taste? Is it the delicious flavour that dwells in your mouth? Well, when you will have papad at Maniarr, you will find the amalgamation of both these feelings in the most appropriate way.

    Along with being tasty, Maniarr’s Papads are good for health as well and this Indian snack could also be the ideal partner for evening tea time or during breakfast or dinner.

    -         Mari Papad

    Although, in terms of papad, we have begun on a small note, we are planning to expand it rapidly after analysing the kind of taste our target audience prefers. More so, the taste and feel of our black pepper padad is so great that you cannot have just one. So, to experience the taste and feel of the crispiest papad available in the market, visit Maniarrs now.